tweetsearch - twitter search engine using thrudb and django

Last weekend Jake told me he's coding tweetsearch, a real-time twitter search engine, using thrudb as the data storage and indexing service. Since the original version of tweetsearch is coded in perl/cgi which is a little bit *old-school*, Jake asked me to port it to python/django for other new-school folks. I like the idea, so after some late nights, I've completely ported tweetsearch to python/django.

Thrudb is so great. I have been grabbing and indexing somewhat over 2 million tweets (Jake's number is 8 million!), and it never takes over 0.1s to search any query.

No doubt that the beauty of thrudb, the tanginess of django, and the zen of python all together give us a very strong technology platform on which we can leverage to build *the next big thing*.

Take the code, read the documentation, and start fulfilling your dream of world domination. Good luck.


Anonymous said…
Kudo to ThaiDN, another great artile! Thanks so much.