Support a Nepal village through this difficult time

I donated $100. I hope some of you can help these people out. This friend of mine is trustworthy and I trust her assessment of OSED.

Please donate, and help spread the word amongst your network.

On Fri, May 1, 2015 at 2:28 PM, Lena Bui wrote:
Dear Friends,

As some of you know, I am currently living in Nepal. Thank you for reaching out to me during the earthquake to check on my wellbeing. I am doing very well and have remained largely unharmed through this disaster. But many of my friends here are not so fortunately. Many of you have asked how to help and so I'm now reaching out to you.

If you haven't already donated to bigger NGOs or are still on the fence wondering where your money would make sense then please consider donating directly to my friends' village - Khokana - a small, beautiful, very old and traditional village South of Kathmandu that have been reduced to rubbles.

Me and my friend Sian are setting up this fundraising, as we have access to electricity and internet, but the money will go directly to OSED (Organization for Social and Education Development), the local NGO that was founded and run by locals, who have also lost their homes. Unlike international aids and relief teams that come in and out, the members of OSED have to live through this disaster and shoulder the oncoming hardship of being homeless during monsoon season without adequate access to food, water and shelter. Through my experience working with them I know they are hardworking, honest, reliable, incredibly resilient and truly embody the spirit of giving and sharing. The residents of Khokana have coped and organized themselves through the worst 2 days of the earthquake without help from the government or outsiders, they will know how to allocate given resources and work through what is most necessary. Here is a place where you can help locals help themselves, trust that your money will be put to good use and directly arrive those who need it most.

Please donate, and help spread the word amongst your network.

Hear and see the situation in Khokana from locals:

Many thanks and best wishes to all,
Lena Bui