In the spotlight

Today I submitted a talk to Black Hat, and they asked for a video sample of any previous conference presentations, and I recalled this talk that I gave at Real World Crypto 2017 in New York.

I wish I spoke slower and with a better accent, but I'm happy that the talk went well and I got some good questions. It could be worse, as I just arrived in New York the night before, and brought with me from Vietnam a very bad flu or cold or whatever. New York was also much colder than I expected.

It's the first time I presented at a crypto conference. While Real World Crypto is not as prestigious as Crypto, Eurocrypt or Asiacrypt, it's become the largest and, dare I say it, most useful crypto conference in the world, attracting nearly 600 people. I hope we can bring it to Vietnam in the near future.

For the nerds:
* Slides:
* Source code: Read the comments in our test cases, you'd enjoy them. Although officially I'm the tech lead for this project, but in reality I'm more of a project/product manager, and Bleichenbacher wrote most of the tests.


David Wong said…
I was there and it was a great talk!
TuanVA said…
Trông ngầu thật
Thank Thai!
"they asked for a video sample of any previous conference presentations" lol
Unknown said…
đọc blog và coi prezzo thì tưởng hai người khác nhau :)