TetCon 2016 Slides Available for Download

We're still waiting for two speakers, but all other slides including links to paper or source code have been uploaded to https://tetcon.org/saigon-2016/talks/index.html. Enjoy! Note that we won't have slides for Pham "suto" Toan's talk because he doesn't want to release them.

Sheraton is a really cool hotel. The venue is lovely, the tea breaks are awesome, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Hotel management reported that ~280 persons attending the conference. Most are male, only a handful are female. Next time I'll give free tickets to female attendants. We as a community seriously need more female hackers.

Thanks to Microsoft and two anonymous sponsors and everybody who bought tickets, financial wise we have a net positive of \$1350 (+~\$700 from Bruce's class.) This is a nice surprise, as I expected losing money. In some sense I lost a couple of grands, as I didn't use the sponsorship money to pay for my air tickets. I planned to expense them with Google, but I don't feel like I want to do that anymore. I wanted to visit my family anyhow, I thought it's fair to foot the bill myself.

I'm reaching out to charity causes or civil organizations, and will report here as soon as I make any donations. Feel free to leave a comment or something if you have a suggestion where we should donate.

So... what's next?

I promised some of my friends that this year I'm going to start planning the conference earlier. Two months from now, I'm going to announce the next TetCon, which might not be in Saigon. We're actually planning as I'm writing this blog post. The next TetCon will be much bigger with more activities for attendants including training, CTF, lock picking, etc. It'll be the first one spanning two days. Stay tuned!