My crypto team is hiring!

Job description:!t=jo&jid=/google/information-security-engineer-1160-n-mathilda-ave-sunnyvale-ca-94089-3705990001&.

My team works to improve the security and privacy of billions of people using Google and Alphabet products. We are looking for strong Software Engineer/Security Engineer candidates to join our crypto team, whose mission is to help developers at Google and elsewhere use cryptography correctly. We're the creators of Tink and Project Wycheproof.

As a member of this team, you help other Google engineers analyze, evaluate, design and implement cryptosystems. If you're a Software Engineer interested in building crypto software, you'll contribute to the development of Tink and tailor-made cryptosystems that we design for our products. If you're a Security Engineer interested in finding crypto vulnerabilities, you'll work on Wycheproof, and own security reviews and consulting for new crypto deployments.

Our team is based in Zurich and the US west coast (Seattle, Sunnyvale, San Francisco) and we'd prefer candidates in these locations. Please send your resumes to