VietBay Sponsors Newsletter 9/13/2021: 3x matching opportunities!

Dear sponsors,

In the last days of August 2021, our campaign crossed the $500K milestone. This is already beyond our wildest dreams, but it doesn’t end there. Netflix employees and anonymous VietBay members have given us another 3x matching sponsorship: for every $1 you contribute, they will donate an additional $2 for up to $70,000! This is the great news that we alluded to in our last newsletter.

The new matching funds, however, are being depleted very quickly! At the time I am writing this line, we’ve successfully matched about $50K out of $70K. You still have a chance to triple up your donation if you act fast :-).

We plan to give 10,000 more food packages, 50,000 more 3M 8210 N95 masks, 20 more patient monitors, and 60 more syringe pumps. Given the great momentum we have seen, we expect the final numbers to be much greater!

Things happened

Photo of the week

Doctor Lê Minh Ngọc, a Hanoi-based volunteer who is leading the COVID fight in Binh Duong, receiving supplies from VietBay and Saigon Lovers. Did you know that patients need not only medicine, but also odd supplies such as portable toilets, pillows, bed wraps, towels, milk, and fruits?


Hung Nguyen said…
Chúc mừng Vietbay và anh Thái.