Oracle lên dĩa

Đầu tiên là H D Moore mở hàng với Month of Browser Bugs, rồi LMH với Months of Kernel Bugs và bây giờ là Weeks of Oracle Database Bugs:
What is the WoODB about?
An Oracle Database 0day will be released every day for a week on December.

Why are you doing this?
We want to show the current state of Oracle software ("in")security also we want to demostrate Oracle isn't getting any better at securing its products (you already know the history: two years or more to fix a bug, not fixing bugs, failing to fix bugs, lying about security efforts, etc, etc, etc.).
Tuy nhiên có vẻ như mục tiêu của dự án này khác với hai dự án về browser và kernel:
Why not the Month of Oracle Database Bugs?
We could do the Year of Oracle Database Bugs but we think a week is enough to show how flawed Oracle software is, also we don't want to give away all our 0days:), anyways if you want to contribute send your Oracle 0days so this can be extended for another week or more.
Tội nghiệp các bác DBA quá :p.