I just posted on the Google Security Blog an official announcement for Tink: https://security.googleblog.com/2018/08/introducing-tink-cryptographic-software.html.

I cannot overestimate how important this milestone is. When we started Tink was a personal 120% project with no official headcount, and always on the brink of being canceled. There were a lot of ups and downs, but against all odds, we persisted and succeeded in winning the love and support of many users. Tink now becomes the standard crypto library at Google, with a dedicated team and a not-so-ambitious goal, namely to help everyone use crypto correctly everywhere. Please download, try it out and tell us what you think.

Personally Tink is my pet "startup". As a co-founder and lead engineer, I did everything I could and couldn't to get us here today. I worked around the clock to find new users and to make them happy. I recruited new team members and got them excited about the project. I ran our guerrilla marketing department and was the sole traveling salesman. I fought, lost, but eventually prevailed over bullshit corporate politics. I learned many new skills, and became a better engineer and not the worst leader in the world.

I hope that Tink would last and gain the trust of many fellow programmers and security engineers, and when I grow old I can tell my grand kids with proud that I created this little piece of software that would outlive me.

Time to celebrate!


Ned said…
Is that ok for you to write how you navigated through the corporate politics? It could be a great learning experience :-D
Phien said…
Congrats anh Thái and team :)
Unknown said…
Chúc mừng bạn và team.
p/s: Nếu có thể, bạn viết nốt series Cờ mờ 4.0 nhé. Mình rất háo hức phần dự báo kết quả.
Unknown said…
I second Nghia Nguyen's idea ^^
Unknown said…
rất thích các bài viết của anh !