From Slashdot:
The Washington Post's Security Fix blog today features a funny but scary interview with a guy in Seattle who owns the domain name

Apparently, everyone from major US banks to the Transportation Security Administration to contractors in Iraq use some variation on the address in the "From:" field of all e-mails sent out, with the result that bounced e-mails go to the owner of

'With the exception of extreme cases like those mentioned above, Faliszek says he long ago stopped trying to alert companies about the e-mails he was receiving. It's just not worth it: Faliszek said he is constantly threatened with lawsuits from companies who for one reason or another have a difficult time grasping why he is in possession of their internal documents and e-mails.
I'm going to register noreply|no-reply|notreply|donotreply at some popular email providers in VN to see what may appear in my inbox ;).