Running Thrudb On Amazon EC2

In the last post I described a step-by-step guide to install Thrudb on your Ubuntu box. If you still can't manage to got it, keep reading, this post may make you happy ;).

1. AMI information

If you are on Amazon EC2, you may want to check out these Thrudb AMIs (the OS is Ubuntu 7.10):

+ i386: ami-c71efbae

+ x86_64: ami-dc1efbb5

Note: guys at aideRSS had released some Thrudb AMIs but they used the old Thrudb source though. My AMIs use the latest version of Thrudb.

2. Start your instance

Please consult Amazon EC2 documentation for how to start your instance. BTW, I highly recommend EC2 Firefox UI which is very easy to use.

3. Start Thrudb

Once you login into your EC2 instance, run these commands to start thrudoc and thrudex:

# cd /root/buildthrudb/thrudb/tutorial
# make start

Just ignore any output or warning. Use nestat to verify if thrudoc and thrudex has been started:

# netstat -npaut

You should see lt-thrudoc and lt-thrudex are listening on and respectively.

4. Run tutorials

Unfortunately, since thrudb has been gone under some major changes recently, only Python and Perl tutorials work out of the box. I'll try to fix other tutorials soon, stay tuned!

Let’s run the Python tutorial:

# cd py/
# python

You should see something like:

*Indexed file in: 0.20 seconds*

Searching for: tags:(+css +examples)
Found 3 bookmarks
1 title: Dynamic Drive CSS Library- Practical CSS codes and examples
url: (
tags: (css examples)
2 title: Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts -DD Tab Menu (5 styles)
url: (
tags: (cool css examples menu)
3 title: Uni-Form
url: (
tags: (examples CSS)
Took: 0.00 seconds

Searching for: title:(linux)
Found 4 bookmarks
1 title: Debian GNU/Linux System Administration Resources
url: (
tags: (linux administration tips)
2 title: Linux Scalability
url: (
tags: (linux sysadmin ulimit)
3 title: Set Up Postfix For Relaying Emails Through Another Mailserver | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
url: (
tags: (email linux server)
4 title: ZFS on FUSE/Linux
url: (
tags: (zfs linux fuse)
Took: 0.00 seconds

*Index cleared in: 0.06 seconds*

5. Update Thrift/Thrudb

Thrift and Thrudb is in very active development so you may want to update their sources to run the latest versions. To update Thrift, you run these commands:

# cd /root/buildthrudb/thrift/
# svn update
# ./
# ./configure
# make
# make install

And you update Thrudb with these commands:

# cd /root/buildthrudb/thrift/thrudb/
# svn update
# make

6. Next steps

Congratulations! You now have thrudoc and thrucene running on your own EC2 instance. From here, you can poke around in the tutorial directory and have a look at the *.conf files. You may also want to join discussion list.

Remember to terminate your instance if you're done playing with Thrudb.