TetCon Saigon 2016

In the past few months many people have asked me if there will be TetCon Saigon 2016. My answer so far has been "probably." Today I'm excited to announce that I've finally decided to do it again. Time, venue, CFP, tickets, volunteer opportunities, etc. will be announced soon. Please watch https://tetcon.org and this blog for more updates.

There will be also training. I will teach crypto. Bruce and Thug4li3f might teach reversing. The classes are not free of charge, but we will have up to 100% scholarships for promising students and young researchers.

All proceeds from the conference and my class, after costs are covered, will go to charity and civil society organizations in Vietnam, e.g., Com Co Thit, Sach Hoa Nong Thon, etc.

Stay tuned!