Chuyển từ Windows sang Ubuntu, những điều bạn nên biết

Những chia sẻ rất thật của một người sử dụng Windows từ hồi Windows 3.11 nhưng đã quyết định chuyển sang dùng Ubuntu từ hơn một năm rưỡi nay:
You’ll find that lots of people are willing to help you, simply because you’re using Ubuntu. It’s almost like joining a club that has an exclusive membership feeling but allows anyone in. Over the past year and a half I’ve been helped by lots and lots of people with more knowledge and experience than I have. In turn, I feel happy to do the same for others following in my footsteps. It’s nice to belong and other Ubuntu users make it easy. It’s also nice to get quick answers to problems you may be having simply by posting to a forum, or asking on a blog.

Sometimes, you’ll really miss using Windows. I’ve been using windows since 3.11. It was entrenched in my nervous system. If I wanted to get somewhere, I simply went to Start and did it. Change my desktop? Easy. Check the Event Log? No problem. Learning to do all of this in Linux takes time. There will be times when you spend an hour troubleshooting what would be a simple problem if you just knew what you were doing. Fortunately there is a community willing to help you and share your frustrations. There’s also that learning curve I just mentioned. Once you crest it, it’s like you suddenly have some serious control over your PC. You can start getting it to do things that make others go “Wow!” even though you’re not having a Vista moment.
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