Buy your tickets to TetCon 2016 now!

TetCon 2016 tickets are available for sale today. There are only 300 tickets. Buy yours now before it's too late!

Each ticket is VND500,000, but if you buy before December 21, you are eligible for a ~30% discount, and have to pay only VND350,000. Available tickets are on sale until January 3, 2016. We do not sell tickets on the day of the conference or at the entrance.

For students only: we will give free tickets to eligible students.


Unknown said…
Anh Thái ơi trang mua vé bị lỗi không tìm thấy trang rồi.
Thai Duong said…
Cảm ơn bạn. Tôi đã sửa cách đây mấy hôm mà quên báo lại. Bạn đã mua được chưa?