TetCon 2016 news

I've been working on the final program, and will release it as soon as the committee gives me the green light and the speakers confirm their participants.

If nothing changes at the last minute, the second batch of talks will be on building security tools to find 0days, to analyze malware or to develop kernel exploits. This is another proof that our community has reached to the next level of the security research food chain -- we used to be consumer of tools provided by oversea researchers, but we now build our own ones.

We will have up to 10 talks, and it's already a challenge to schedule the program. We want to give speakers enough time to demonstrate their ideas, but we also want to have more time for tea and lunch breaks which hopefully would sparkle more interactions between speakers and attendants. Speaking of lunch break, it'll be awesome if someone can sponsor a lunch party for everyone. Please drop me a line if you or someone you know are interested in this great chance to connect with the top security professionals in our country.

Two third of the discounted tickets were sold in the last few days. This is probably your last chance to get one; otherwise you'll have to pay the full price.

Re trainings: if you had registered for any of the classes, please expect an email from me tomorrow. I'll tell you the exact date, time, location, and payment method. Stay tuned.