The shortest memset is... ?

We have a few 100% scholarships for college students to attend Bruce Dang's training class at TetCon 2016. In order to select the best persons that might make the most out of the class, we ask those who want to apply for the scholarship to implement memset, and whoever writes the shortest code wins. More details on this mini challenge can be found here.

So far we've already received 3 submissions. The shortest implementation is just 10-byte. Can you beat it ;)? Don't worry if you can't we'd love to see your code anyway.


In other news, tomorrow Bruce and I are going to have a Q&A session with computer science and computer security students at University of Science. We're going to share what we do in our day jobs, and answer any questions the audience might have w.r.t technology, working in the U.S., etc. The exact date and location is

Time: 13:00, December 29 2015 (tomorrow)
Location: Room I-23, 227 Nguyễn Văn Cừ, District 5.

The organizers told me that everybody is welcome. Hope to see you all!


quocbao747 said…
Trường em hồi trước là University of Natural Sciences nhưng giờ đổi thành University of Sciences rồi anh :D
Thai Duong said…
Cảm ơn bạn. Tôi đã sửa.
Unknown said…
Ồ!Các bạn bên Khoa học tự nhiên miền nam được ưu ái thật.
Unknown said…
Được gặp gỡ hai nhân vật lớn như vậy. Thiệt là may mắn đó.