Here come the winners

Whoa. Bruce and I have finally selected the winners of the memset challenge. We got 9 submissions, 5 of which came up with the same size, but only one person attempted to implement memcpy, and it's Manh Luat Nguyen. Congratulations!

The winning code is

global my_memset
pop edx ; return address
pop edi ; src String
pop eax ; char
pop ecx ; length
push edi
rep stosb
pop eax
sub esp,16

The resulting shellcode is 12-byte: \x5a\x5f\x58\x59\x57\xf3\xaa\x58\x83\xec\x10\xc3. Instead of using movs, Luat was the first that creatively used one-byte pop instructions to save space.

The runner ups are
- Pham Hong Phi (12 bytes)
- Le Thanh Binh (12 bytes)
- Nguyen Vu Hoang (12 bytes)

There's actually one person that came up with a 10-byte implementation, it didn't pass my unit tests, but Bruce likes him enough that he wants to give him a special prize. Congratulations to Pham Viet Hoa!

Regarding scholarships I made a stupid mistake and booked a room too small (there were also some last minute registrations). Anyway Bruce and I don't really want to turn any of these young fellows down, so we're going to grant each a full scholarship, congratulations again!