TetCon 2016 Last Call For Papers

If you submitted something, I just emailed you with a round of feedback from the committee. Please respond and address our concerns as soon as possible.

If you, however, plan to submit something, this is your last chance. We've received 13 submissions, 9 of them are Vietnamese, 3 of which are working and living oversea, and the rest are foreigner. The committee will be working very hard next week to select the best submissions which together with the invited talks will form the final program of TetCon 2016.

Chances are we have to cancel the training program, unless we get 5 more sign ups for each class before the end of next week. So if you want to learn more about bitcoin, Windows kernel reversing, or crypto, sign up now! I don't want to brag about it, but other conferences have offered the same classes at 4 to 6 times our price.