TetCon 2016: discounted tickets sold out!

Wow, thanks to your support all of our discounted tickets are claimed. Please keep spreading the word and help us sell even more!

Note that even at full price, we're selling tickets at a loss, as Sheraton charges us \$30 per person. A friend asked why I keep the prices too low, and I don't even have a good reason rather than that I want to ensure that everyone has a chance to attend the conference. That's why we give away 30 free tickets to students who show some interest in our field. That's why we have discounted tickets. But we really need your support to make this work. Please share the conference with a link to https://tetcon.org/ on Facebook, Twitter, your favorite forums, or write about it on your blog. Anything would be helpful and much appreciated :).

We need this world of mouth marketing, because this year I didn't raise enough money to hire someone to run a proper marketing campaign. Last year I got \$17,000 from Microsoft, Facebook, and my employer, but this year I've got so far only \$10,000 from Microsoft (thanks to Bruce Dang!) My employer's promised to give me \$5,000, but I don't know when it will be approved. I didn't ask Facebook, because I'm too shy (last year my boss pulled some string for me, but I don't feel like asking strangers for money). Anyway if we sell all the tickets the bottom line won't look too bad, given that some friends have promised giving me some monetary support (if you are reading this, thanks again!)

Organizing a conference like TetCon takes a lots of time and energy. While this blog might give you the impression that I've been doing it alone, nothing is further from the truth. There would be no TetCon without help and support of many friends and even random strangers who I know don't want their names to appear here. The technical committee have also spent tons of time reviewing and improving the submissions. Thank you!