Top 10 web hacks trong năm 2006

Để dành đọc vào dịp cuối tuần cũng thú vị:
  1. Web Browser Intranet Hacking / Port Scanning - (with JavaScript and with HTML-only and the improved model)
  2. Internet Explorer 7 "mhtml:" Redirection Information Disclosure
  3. Anti-DNS Pinning and Circumventing Anti-Anti DNS pinning
  4. Web Browser History Stealing - (with CSS, evil marketing, JS login-detection, and authenticated images)
  5. Backdooring Media Files (QuickTime, Flash, PDF, Images, Word [2], and MP3's)
  6. Forging HTTP request headers with Flash
  7. Exponential XSS
  8. Encoding Filter Bypass (UTF-7, Variable Width, US-ASCII)
  9. Web Worms - (AdultSpace, MySpace, Xanga)
  10. Hacking RSS Feeds
Để ý cái thứ 6, nó chính là xFlash!