Where are Vietnamese hackers/security researchers?

From rd of VnSecurity:
So the Call for Papers of VNSECON 07 has been closed last week. The technical committees of VNSECON 07 now are looking over all the submissions. The final technical program would be announced sometimes at the beginning of next week and there are some really interesting topics which I love to hear.

I'm kind of disappointed that so far we've only received 03 submissions from Vietnamese (two of them are VNSEC members and one from a student in Hanoi). These submissions are quite ok and I would love to see more submission from Vietnam. We may consider extending 1 - 2 more weeks for submissions on both Technical and Business tracks (see below) for Vietnamese only. So if you want to have a chance to talk about your security experience/research this August in Ho Chi Minh City, please submit your proposal to cfp-AT-vnsecurity.net.